The Most Famous Phrases In The History Of Mankind

Throughout history, many well-known characters have pronounced or written phrases that have become famous. Phrases that because of their exceptional content have passed from mouth to mouth, as they generally offer very valuable knowledge in a few words.

  • You don’t have to go back or give yourself momentum (Lao Tsé) – A motivating phrase that advises to always follow our path despite adversities
  • Make love and not war (John Lennon) – Singer John Lennon always had a pacifying mindset.
  • To work, it is enough to be convinced of one thing: that work is less boring than having fun (Charles Baudelaire) – Work, although we always feel like doing it, is good for our mental health.
  • Learn to live, and you will know how to die well (Confucius) – Life must be enjoyed in every moment and not be dead in life.
  • There is nothing a man is not able to do when a woman looks at him (Casanova) – A man’s love for a woman is able to move the world.
  • Setting the example is not the main way to influence others; it’s the only way. (Albert Einstein) – When educating, it is necessary that we ourselves be consistent with what we intend to teach.
  • The greatest declaration of love is that which is not made; the man who feels a lot speaks little (Plato) – A reflection of Plato about love.
  • It is better to act exposing yourself to repent of it than to regret not having done anything (Giovanni Boccaccio) – The only thing we can regret is not having done something we wanted to do.
  • The human body is the carriage; the self, the man who drives it; the thought is the reins, and the feelings, the horses (Plato) – A platter simile about the man and a horse carriage.
  • I am not so in love with my own opinions that I ignore what others may think about them (Copernicus) – Copernicus’s great quote on how we care about the opinions of others.
  • The strictest justice does not always be the best policy (Abraham Lincoln) – In the middle ground is where the best virtue is found.
  • The wise never says everything he thinks, but always thinks everything he says (Aristotle) – Over the years, one learns how to behave with others.
  • There are two things that are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; I’m not sure if the first one (Albert Einstein) – An ironic phrase of the great thinker, Albert Einstein.
  • What really matters in life is not the goals we set ourselves, but the paths we follow to achieve it (Peter Bamm) – It is useless to set goals if we then throw in the towel halfway.
  • The world is beautiful, but it has a defect called man (Friedrich Nietzsche) – Man may be man’s worst enemy.
  • Laziness travels so slowly that poverty does not take long to reach it (Benjamin Franklin) – Being lazy is a great defect of the human being.

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